2024 Visiting Scholars

(1) Ramia Al Bakain

Affiliation: The University of Jordan

Host: National Centre for Marine Sciences-CNRSL, Lebanon

Date: July-August 2024

Subject: Marine parasitology in semi-enclosed coastal systems


(2) Isaure de Buron

Affiliation: College of Charleston, USA

Host: Université Mohammed V, Morocco

Date: April-May 2024

Subject: Evaluation and removal of contaminants from marine sediments and biota


(3) Jessica Glass

Affiliation: University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

Host: University of Seychelles, Blue Economy Research Institute

Date: May 2024

Subject: eDNA and population genetic techniques


(4) James Moffett

Affiliation: University of Southern California, USA

Host: National Institute of Oceanography, India

Date: November 2024

Subject: Biogeochemistry of oxygen minimum zones


(5) Satoshi Nagai

Affiliation: Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency

Host: Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines

Date: June 2024

Subject: Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) genomics


(6) Eleonora Puccinelli

Affiliation: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research – NIOZ

Host: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity – SAIAB

Date: August 2024

Subject: Best practices in aquatic food web investigations: stable isotope and fatty acid approaches