Visiting Scholars 2009 – 2019

Year of approval Name Home Country Host Country Dates Purpose
2009 Paulo Relvas Portugal Guatemala 2-16 July Teach a course on Physical Oceanography
2010 Vadim Mokievsky Russia India Sept. 20-Oct. 20 Conduct field and lab training on Meiobenthos
2010 Kurt Hanselmann Switzerland Namibia Oct. 8-Nov. 7 Teaching bio and chem oceanography
2011 Ali Pourmand USA Iran June 6 – July 12 Help with paleo-oceanography workshop
2011 Kurt Hanselmann Switzerland Namibia 15 Sept.-6 Nov. Building on 2010 visit
2012 Jacob Larsen Denmark Ghana Oct-12 Teaching course on identifying harmful algae
2012 René Swift UK South Africa/ Namibia 23 Feb.-8 March 2012 Provide training on marine mammal surveys
2013 Geoff Millward UK Thailand 21 Jan.-5 Feb. 2013 Development of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Marine and Coastal Resources and Environmental Sciences
2013 Lisa Beal USA South Africa 6-24 March 2013 Teaching on physical oceanography
2013 Alice Newton Norway/ Portugal Morocco 10-25 May 2013 Teaching on coastal lagoons
2013 Jacob Larsen Denmark Namibia Apr-13 Teaching course on identifying harmful algae
2013 Michelle Graco Peru Argentina Dec-13 Biogeochemical cycles and highly productive systems in the oceans
2014 Halima Kiwango Tanzania South Africa/ Kwazulu Natal Fall 2014 Eco-hydrology and bio-hydrodynamics of coastal ecosystems
2014 Prasanna Kumar India Bangladesh August and October 2014 Physical oceanography
2014 Marcia Moreno-Baez USA Argentina Completed in June 2014 Participatory geographic information systems and the application of geospatial technology to collect local knowledge from fishers
2015 Nagappa Ramaiah India Bangladesh Jun-15 Teach biological oceanography
2015 Tony Koslow USA Peru 11 April–1 May 2015 seminars/lectures on the development of ocean observation systems for sustainable management of marine ecosystems
2015 Bill Burnett USA Brazil 27 July-7 August 2015 short course on “Applications of Isotopic Techniques for Coastal Studies”
2016 Baban Ingole India Bangladesh November-December 2016 To teach biological oceanography at the Univ. of Dhaka
2016 Jorge Santos Norway South Africa August-Sept. 2016 Training young scientists from Kenya Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania on techniques in fisheries science
2016 Jacob Larsen Denmark Namibia 15 Sept. – 6 Oct. 2016 Teaching course on identifying harmful algae
2017 Catherine Jeandel France Brazil 17 June – 16 July marine chemistry, particularly trace elements and isotopes
2017 Josep Pelegri Spain Colombia 18 May – 20 June ocean circulation, emphasizing the basic dynamic processes in the ocean at multiple time and space scales
2017 Sam Dupont Sweden Costa Rica 29 Oct.-12 Nov. Experimental design for ocean acidification experiments
2017 Janet Sprintall USA Indonesia 24 Nov.-2 Dec. introduction to physical oceanography, ocean currents, and tides
2017 Julia Jabour Australia Iran June Legal and policy status developments of the Southern Ocean in relation to the Antarctic Treaty System and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
2018 Cristian A. Vargas Gálvez Chile Ecuador 19-28 Aug. Ocean acidification lectures, lab, and field work
2018 Julia M. Diaz USA Morocco Nov. Phosphorus biogeochemistry in the ocean
2018 Manuel António E. Malaquias Norway Mozambique 24 Aug.–9 Sept. Curating marine biodiversity collections
2018 Kedarnath Mahapatra Japan Indonesia 7-20  Sept. 2018 Combining satellite and in situ data from the Indian Ocean
2018 Stuart P. Bishop USA Brazil August Physical oceanography
2018 Ana Širović USA Croatia 25 Apr.-11 May 2019 Marine mammal bioacoustics
2019 Brian Helmuth USA Argentina Nov. 2019 Anthropogenic stressors on marine ecosystems
2019 Adina Paytan USA Brazil 14 Nov. – 5 Dec. Applications of isotopes in Earth and environmental science
2019 Pere Masque Australia Brazil Aug.-Sept. 2019 Applications of radioisotopes in marine sciences
2019 Teresa Cerveira Borges Portugal Angola 29 May – 27 June 2019 Marine resources
2019 Jorma Kuparinen Finland Ecuador 1 Oct.- 13 Dec. 2019 Marine planktonic systems
2019 Mridula Srinivasan USA Mauritius Oct. 2019 Marine ecology