SOOS Symposium 2023 Statement

Urgent Call for Action: International scientists unite for Southern Ocean research amid the climate crisis.

The inaugural SOOS Symposium was concluded with a crucial joint statement:

The Southern Ocean is a critical component of the global climate system. The Southern Ocean controls to a large extent the uptake of human generated heat and carbon into the ocean. Yet, we are currently observing critical changes in the Southern Ocean that are seen in the record low levels of sea-ice extent, record high temperatures and dramatic shifts in penguin populations, among other striking changes. The chronic lack of observations for the Southern Ocean challenges our ability to detect and assess the consequences of change. As such, it is more pressing than ever to have a sustained and coordinated Southern Ocean observing system to provide an understanding of current conditions, inform predictions of future states, and support policies and regulations for the benefit of society.


View the statement here.

Deadline Extended – Call for new IMBeR IPO host

Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR; is soliciting offers to host one of its International Project Offices from March 2024 to continue the role fulfilled by IPO-Canada where the Executive Director is based.
IMBeR welcomes expressions of interest to host the new IPO from 1 March 2024. Co-financing or partnerships between institutions are permissible. To send an expression of interest, please complete the table at the end of the Call for Expressions of Interest document together with a brief letter of intent to John Claydon, IMBeR Executive Director, Deadline for expressions of interest is extended to 15 September 2023.

Read the latest news from IQOE

IQOE Newsletter #11 is now available. This issue reports on the results of the IQOE Science Committee meeting and Global Library on Underwater Sounds (GLUBS) workshop in Woods Hole in April, as well as an update on the first World Ocean Passive Acoustic Monitoring Day in June. The newsletter provides an update on IQOE activities related to the global hydrophone metadatabase, low-cost hydrophones, and on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on ocean sound. Finally, the newsletter provides updates on IQOE-endorsed projects and other national activities on ocean acoustics.