World Ocean Passive Acoustic Monitoring (WOPAM) Day 2024

8 June 2024 will be World Ocean Passive Acoustic Monitoring (WOPAM) Day 2024. Learn more at

WOPAM Day 2024 will involve a greater number of observations at a greater number of sites than WOPAM Day 2023. It is anticipated that more than 400 sites will be monitored this year. Other WOPAM Day-related information includes the following:

  • WOPAM leaders collaborated with Tom Mustill for his production ‘How To Be A Whale’ that was released Sunday on BBC6 Music (Cerys Matthews show).This is a FREE half hour bioacoustic soundscape journey that Tom made ahead of World Ocean Day (8 June) to showcase the sonic wonderlands of the seas and to help people imagine the lives and challenges of different cetaceans. It’s a celebration of marine bioacoustics and we hope a way to help people connect to different worlds. You can stream it or download
  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation will be releasing a 5-episode podcast of Noi-SEA by Nature on World Oceans Day. This is a kids/general public program on the sounds of nature, this time dedicated to underwater sounds. (Hear the promo)