Procedure for Awarding SCOR Travel Grants

The U.S. National Science Foundation provides support for travel grants to scientists from developing countries and countries with economies in transition (such as the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe) through SCOR.

See also, Opportunities – Travel Support.

The following steps are required for awarding travel grants:

  1. A meeting organizer applies to SCOR for sponsorship of travel for a specific meeting. Requests for travel support will only be accepted from meeting organizers, not from individuals for their own travel. Requests for SCOR sponsorship of meetings are considered throughout the year. Applications should be sent to the SCOR Secretariat. Application form for developing country travel support
  2. If an organization’s request for support is approved, the organization will be asked to submit names of potential recipients of travel support for approval before the individuals are contacted. The SCOR Secretariat will ensure that the names on the list are from developing countries or countries with economies in transition. If any individual has been supported for such travel awards in the past 2 years, they will not be eligible for a new travel award. Preference should be given to young scientists who are making scientific presentations at the meeting or who will provide expertise or regional perspectives that would otherwise not be available at the meeting.
  3. Approved recipients are eligible to receive support for meeting registration, airfare and other transportation, lodging, meals, and visa costs. SCOR can provide full support or partial support.
  4. If support for airfare is requested, tickets will be arranged through the SCOR Secretariat so that U.S. government travel regulations are followed: all travelers must use U.S. air carriers unless doing so would add more than 2 stops or 6 hours travel time each way compared to travel on a non-U.S. carrier. The SCOR travel agent will provide documentation regarding comparable itineraries on U.S. and non-U.S. carriers. Travelers should contact SCOR long enough before the travel dates to make it possible to arrange their preferred dates of travel. However, in order to find tickets at a reasonable cost, it may be necessary for the award recipient to travel at a time that would not be their preference or to stay extra days, in order to lower the airfares. If the traveler’s stay must be extended for this reason, SCOR will pay for the associated lodging and meal expenses.
  5. Meeting organizers are responsible to ensure that SCOR receives original receipts for hotel expenses, registration, and visa costs. Receipts are not required for meals or local transportation.
  6. Within one month following the sponsored meeting, meeting organizers are responsible to provide a written report of how the travel grant was used, including a financial statement accompanied by receipts, and to reimburse to SCOR any unused funds.

Failure to follow these procedures may make requesting organizations ineligible to receive future travel grants.