2019 SCOR Annual Meeting

Toyama, Japan

Date: 23 September 2019 - 25 September 2019

Materials for Meeting

Logistical Information

  • Getting to Toyama: There is an airport in Toyama, but it is less expensive and complicated to reach Toyama by train, in particular, from Narita Airport. Participants should first take the Narita Express train (https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex/) from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station.  This trip will take approximately one hour, and the trains run every 30 minutes. At Tokyo Station, transfer to the bullet train (Shinkansen Line) for travel to Toyama Station.  The bullet train will take just over two hours. For travelers from outside Japan, it is recommended to purchase tickets at the train station after arriving in Japan. It costs approximately $150, each way, between Narita and Toyama.Upon arrival at the Toyama Train Station, travelers can choose to walk to the hotel, take a taxi, or use a city tram.
  • Toyama Visitors Guide
  • Map of Meeting Locations
  • Hotel: The meeting hotel is the Toyama Manten Hotel (https://www.manten-hotel.com/toyama/english/), which is about a 10-minute walk from the train station. Hotel rooms will be reserved through meeting organizers. Please indicate on the registration form your arrival and departure dates and desired room type.


  • 22 September (afternoon) – SCOR Public Event; (evening) – Canal cruise and welcome reception
  • 23 September (morning and afternoon) – SCOR Annual Meeting; (evening) – City walk tour and dinner
  • 24 September (morning and afternoon) – SCOR Annual Meeting; (evening) – Onesen (hot springs) and conference dinner
  • 25 September (morning) – SCOR Annual Meeting; (afternoon) – SCOR/Japan Oceanography Society (JOS) Joint Symposium; (evening) – SCOR/JOS Dinner
  • 26-29 September – JOS Annual Meeting

Call for Review of WG Proposals


  1. Roadmap for a Standardised Global Approach to Deep-Sea Biology for the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (DeepSeaDecade)
  2. Marine Species Distribution Modelling in the global ocean (MSDM-GO)
  3. DIagnoSis of Carbon in the Ocean: Variability, uncERtainty and the Coasts (DISCOVER-C)
  4. Changing Biotic-Sediment Interactions in the Ocean Seabed (CBIOS)
  5. Coordinated Global Research Assessment of Seagrass System (C-GRASS)
  6. Integration of international ocean acidification research at CO2 seeps (InterSEEP)

Background Book for Meeting

Full Background Book

Annotated Agenda and Participants List

Tab 1 – Opening Session

Tab 2 – Working Group Reports and Proposal

Tab 3 – Large-Scale Ocean Research Projects

Tab 4 – Infrastructural and Other Activities

Tab 5 – Capacity-Building Activities

Tab 6 – Relations with Intergovernmental Organization

Tab 7 – Relations with Non-governmental Organizations

Tab 8 – Organization and Finance

Tab 9 – SCOR-Related Meetings