2018 SCOR Annual Meeting

University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Date: 4 September 2018 - 7 September 2018

The UK SCOR Committee is co-sponsored by the UK Challenger Society and the Royal Society. The 2018 Challenger Society Conference will be held at Newcastle upon Tyne on the 10-13 September 2018, during the week following the SCOR Annual Meeting. SCOR meeting participants are welcome to attend the Challenger Society conference (see http://www.challenger-society.org.uk/Challenger_Conference_2018).

Materials for Meeting

Logistical Information

  • Plymouth Visitors Guide
  • Hotels: Two hotels are within walking distance of the University of Plymouth Marine Station: (1) Plymouth Sutton Harbour Premier Inn and (2) Jurys Inn Plymouth. The Premier Inn is more basic, but less expensive and closer (0.5 km) to the meeting location. Jurys Inn is about 1.2 km from the meeting location. We have not reserved a room block at either hotel beyond rooms for the SCOR Executive Committee.

Social Events

  • BBQ – Monday, 3 September (18:00 – 20:00)
    Overlooking Plymouth’s historic Barbican and Hoe waterfront, relax and enjoy locally sourced food freshly prepared and cooked over a barbecue. A selection of burgers, hot dogs, salads etc. will be served (weather permitting) on the Marine Station’s patio area. A chance to network, catch up with old friends and make new ones.
  • Walking Tour – Tuesday, 4 September (18:30 – 20:00)
    Join other meetingn participants in a guided walking tour in and around the historic Barbican area of Plymouth, passing the Mayflower steps (Pilgrim Fathers 1620) and Elizabethan merchant houses and gardens. At the end of the tour, you will be ideally located to enjoy dinner and a drink in one of Plymouth’s many restaurants and bars.
  • Conference Dinner – Wednesday, 5 September (19:00 – 22:00, dinner at 20:00)
    The SCOR Conference Dinner is being held at the National Marine Aquarium. On arrival, enjoy a welcome drink and the opportunity to look around the many exhibits. Dinner is served with a view of the underwater world. Meeting participants can relax in the grandeur of the UK’s largest aquarium.
  • Boat Trip – Thursday, 6 September (19:00 – 22:00)
    Meeting participants can unwind and enjoy the evening as they set sail across Plymouth Sound, flanked by the beautiful Devon and Cornish Coasts. The Spirit of Plymouth will pass Plymouth Hoe and Smeaton’s Tower, magically lit up at night, and the famous Drake’s Island, heading for the calm waters of the River Tamar. Set sail on the waters of the South West coast, savour the beautiful scenery as the sun sets in the West. Bar and buffet meal available.

Block Agenda

Call for Review of WG Proposals


  1. Active Chlorophyll fluorescence for autonomous measurements of global marine primary productivity
  2. The Surface Ocean CO2 Mapping intercomparison initiative: Phase 2 (SOCOMv2)
  3. Ocean Governance and Policy Analysis for Ocean Deoxygenation (WG-OGOD)
  4. Carbonate system intercomparison forum (CSIF)
  5. Toward a new global view of marine zooplankton biodiversity based on DNA metabarcoding and reference DNA sequence databases (MetaZooGene)
  6. The Caribbean Upwelling Research Network (CURNet)
  7. A Framework for Ocean Observation for the Next Generation – expanding quantifiable methods and Best Practices (FOO-BP)
  8. Coordinated Global Research Assessment Of Seagrass Systems (C-GRASS)
  9. Co-ordinated approach for Aerosol Trace element Solubility and Bioavailability Research in Oceanography (CoATS-BRO)

Background Book for Meeting

Full Background Book

Annotated Agenda and Participants List

Tab 1 – Opening Session

Tab 2 – Working Group Reports and Proposals

  1. WG 138 (added 13 August 2018)
  2. WG 139 (added 9 August 2018)
  3. WG 147 (added 13 August 2018)
  4. WG 148 (added 31 August 2018)
  5. WG 149 (added 15 August 2018)

Tab 3 – Large-Scale Ocean Research Projects

  1. 2018 GEOTRACES National Reports
  2. 2018_SOLAS_National_Reports
  3. SOLAS Event Reports (1-8)
  4. IIOE-2 Report

Tab 4 – Infrastructural and Other Activities

  1. Report from SCOR/IAPSO/IAPWS Joint Committee on Seawater (added 1 Sept. 2018)

Tab 5 – Capacity-Building Activities

Tab 6 – Relations with Intergovernmental Organization

Tab 7 – Relations with Non-governmental Organizations

Tab 8 – Organization and Finance

Tab 9 – SCOR-Related Meetings