2015 SCOR Annual Meeting

Goa, India

Date: 7 December 2015 - 9 December 2015

SCOR is focusing some activities on the Indian Ocean region in the period of 2015-2020, as part of the Second Indian Ocean Experiment. SCOR is co-sponsoring, with the International Oceanographic Commission and the government of India, a symposium in Goa during the week before the annual SCOR meeting (see http://www.IO50.incois.gov.in/).

Materials for Meeting

Call for Working Group Proposals
Block Agenda
Call for Review of WG Proposals

  1. Towards a Global Comparison of Zooplankton Production: Measurement, Methodologies and Applications (ZooProd)
  2. SEAmount Faunal vulnerabilty to impacts of Ocean Acidification and Mining (SEAFOAM)
  3. BIOgeochemistry of COral REef systems (BIOCORE)
  4. Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS): how will biota respond to a changing ocean?
  5. A Functional Trait Perspective on the Biodiversity of Hydrothermal Vent Communities (FDvent)
  6. Rheology, nano/micro-Fluidics and bioFouling in the Oceans (RheFFO)
  7. Translation of Optical Measurements into particle Content, Aggregation & Transfer (TOMCAT)
  8. Global Assessment of Nutrient Export Through Submarine Groundwater Discharge (NExT SGD)
  9. International Quality Controlled Ocean Database: Subsurface temperature profiles (IQuOD)
  10. The dynamic ecogeomorphic evolution of mangrove and salt marsh coastlines (DEMASCO)

Background Book for Meeting (to be added November 2015)

Full Book in one pdf file

  • Annotated Agenda and Participants List
  • Tab 1 – Opening Session
  • Tab 2 – Working Group Reports and Proposals
  • Tab 3 – Large-Scale Ocean Research Projects
  • Tab 4 – Ocean Carbon and Other Activities
  • Tab 5 – Capacity-Building Activities
  • Tab 6 – Relations with Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Tab 7 – Relations with Non-governmental Organizations
  • Tab 8 – Organization and Finance
  • Tab 9 – SCOR-Related Meetings


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