2015 SCOR Annual Meeting

Goa, India

Date: 7 December 2015 - 9 December 2015

SCOR is focusing some activities on the Indian Ocean region in the period of 2015-2020, as part of the Second Indian Ocean Experiment. SCOR is co-sponsoring, with the International Oceanographic Commission and the government of India, a symposium in Goa during the week before the annual SCOR meeting (see http://www.IO50.incois.gov.in/).

Materials for Meeting

Call for Working Group Proposals
Block Agenda
Call for Review of WG Proposals

  1. Towards a Global Comparison of Zooplankton Production: Measurement, Methodologies and Applications (ZooProd)
  2. SEAmount Faunal vulnerabilty to impacts of Ocean Acidification and Mining (SEAFOAM)
  3. BIOgeochemistry of COral REef systems (BIOCORE)
  4. Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS): how will biota respond to a changing ocean?
  5. A Functional Trait Perspective on the Biodiversity of Hydrothermal Vent Communities (FDvent)
  6. Rheology, nano/micro-Fluidics and bioFouling in the Oceans (RheFFO)
  7. Translation of Optical Measurements into particle Content, Aggregation & Transfer (TOMCAT)
  8. Global Assessment of Nutrient Export Through Submarine Groundwater Discharge (NExT SGD)
  9. International Quality Controlled Ocean Database: Subsurface temperature profiles (IQuOD)
  10. The dynamic ecogeomorphic evolution of mangrove and salt marsh coastlines (DEMASCO)

Background Book for Meeting

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