RGNO Seminars (online)

Date: 1 March 2021

To continue the Online RGNO Discovery Seminars on Monday, March 1st, at 3 pm CAT (Namibia, please check the local time in your time zone), with two talks hosted by Richard Horaeb:


Maya Bode-Dalby,  University of Bremen, GERMANY
The role of zooplankton in the biological pump


Richard Horaeb, NatMIRC, NAMIBIA
Connectivity between pelagic and benthic habitats – the meroplankton dynamics


The two panelists are Chris Bartholomae (NatMIRC) and Samuel Mafwila (SANUMARC, UNAM)


Participation is free and access is easy. Please copy the link


into a browser, click on “Guest access” when prompted by OLAT and you will be guided via the RGNO course website to the seminar schedule for March 1.

Access codes are also listed below and on the page “How to use zoom”


Please follow a few housekeeping rules to have the seminar run smoothly. They are listed under “How to use zoom”.