Online RGNO Discovery Seminars

Date: 22 March 2021

Online RGNO Discovery Seminars: Monday, March 22, 3 pm CAT (Namibia). Please check the local time in your time zone (US has already changed to daylight savings time).

MONDAY, March 22:

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Meeting ID: 864 3297 4115

Passcode:  218948

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For speakers and hosts to check connectivity and screen sharing zoom will open at 2.30 pm CAT.

This weeks’ seminars will deal with turbulent mixing and fluxes of biologically essential solutes and gases in the BUS. The seminars will be hosted by Hadi from the Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, GERMANY.


Today’s speakers are

Natalia Herran:

Turbulent mixing and vertical distribution and fluxes of nutrients and oxygen on the Namibian shelf 

and as a comparison

Peter Holtermann

Anoxia in the Baltic Sea, the role of oxygen advection and turbulent mixing

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You may submit questions in advance to the panelists or the host directly (addresses see RGNO Seminar Website the “Guest Access”) or deposit them in the “Seminar Forum”). During the live seminar, you best upload your questions to the “chat-box”.

Participation is free and access is easy. Please copy the link

into a browser, click on “Guest access” when prompted by OLAT and you will be guided via the RGNO course website to the full seminar schedule.

The weekly zoom access codes of this recurring meting are listed above and also on the page “How to use zoom”


Please follow a few housekeeping rules to have the seminar run smoothly. They are listed under “How to use zoom”.

If you are a speaker, please read “How to teach online”. The cover slides to your talk are available as PowerPoint templates in the Seminar Folder “0 ORGANIZATION” under “RGNO_seminar_support” and a short tutorial explaining how to prepare slides compatible with online presentations under “Joining a zoom meeting.pdf”. Speakers may test connectivity and screen sharing half an hour before the meeting starts.

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