Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Ocean: 10 years of study and insight


Date: 4 March 2021 - 11 March 2021

The events in Japan that began on March 11, 2011, with the country’s largest recorded earthquake and a tsunami of remarkable power, leading to the initial and ongoing releases of radioactive materials from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The event will look back at what we’ve learned over the past 10 years during two virtual panels, both at 7:30 pm, one timed for Tokyo with the second for the U.S. East Coast, using simultaneous translation at the Tokyo event for Japanese and English speakers.

You will need to register for these free panel events: https://cmer.whoi.edu/10-years-of-study-and-insight/

Panels will be moderated by Miles O’Brian, with keynote introductions by Atsuko Yoko Fish (Tokyo event) and Caroline Kennedy (US event). The panel of four experts- J. Kanda (Tokyo U. Marine Sci & Tech), K. Buesseler (WHOI, USA), S. Charmasson (IRSN, France), A. Brown (Safecast, Japan)- will review events that occurred, explore the fate of the radioactive contaminants in the ocean, the consequences for marine life and human consumers of seafood, and finally explore communication of these events to the public. The presentations and panel discussion will be moderated with the general public in mind and will be of interest to policy-makers, industry leaders, and the research community. It will also include time for questions from the audience.

Finally, during the week of March 4-11,  a virtual poster session will be hosted accompanied by short audio presentations in English and Japanese with the option to leave your questions for the poster authors.

Together, the keynotes, panels, and poster session will offer a fitting memorial of events in 2011 and will also provide an informative and accessible summation of work that occurred over the past decade as a result.