Open Call for Applications to the SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee

closing date: 25 April 2024

SOLAS welcomes nominations to its international Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) for a term starting on 1st January 2025. The SSC functions as the central decision-making body for SOLAS and sets the scientific direction and priorities with support from the SOLAS International Project Office (IPO). It reflects the broad diversity of the SOLAS community in terms of scientific expertise, geography, career stage, and gender.

We are planning to appoint two new members this year, and applications from the Global South are highly encouraged. We welcome (self-) nominations of scientists from all SOLAS-relevant disciplines (see the SOLAS 2015-2025 Science Plan and Organisation), particularly in the following areas: i) Extreme events in the SOLAS domain (e.g. storms and cyclones, dust storms, fires, marine heat waves, extreme sea ice loss, hypoxia and acidic events, and harmful algal blooms), ii) Climate Intervention (e.g. Solar Radiation Management). Please find the minimum qualifications required and instructions on how to apply or to nominate via the link:

Nominations will be accepted until 25 April 2024.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!