Call for Applications to the SOLAS Early Career Scientist Committee

closing date: 30th April 2024

Early Career Scientists (ECS) comprise a significant portion of the SOLAS community. The SOLAS Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC) is opening a call for new members. The committee’s objectives are to represent this critical group’s unique insights and opinions at all SOLAS levels and to provide future-generation scientists with networking and collaboration opportunities.

The SOLAS ECSC welcomes applications from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members who have received their latest degree within 10 years, with an extension allowance for caregiving leave. The committee members are appointed for a 3-year term or until they can no longer be defined as an ECS. Candidates from developing countries and island states, particularly from Indian Ocean-rim countries, are explicitly encouraged to apply. In SOLAS, we seek to build a diverse and unbiased academic culture. This is why we encourage ECS from underrepresented groups in Atmospheric and Ocean sciences (including law and policy aspects) to apply as new members. Expertises from all themes of SOLAS science are encouraged, particularly expertise in polar and coastal science, ocean-based geoengineering (mCDR), marine social science including law and policy, blue economy, and data science (AI and ML).

The call for (self-)nominations is now open until 30th April. Please send a short bio of your expertise and profile and how you think this can contribute to SOLAS (300 words) and your CV to Joan Llort (committee chair, and Li Li (SOLAS IPO,

We look forward to engaging our future committee members!

More information on the current SOLAS ECSC can be found here.