Call for abstracts for IMBeR IMBIZO7

IMBeR will hold its seventh IMBIZO (the Zulu word for ‘a gathering’) at the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II (IAV) in Rabat, Morocco from 23-26 September 2024.
IMBeR aims to promote and enable transdisciplinary marine research towards ocean sustainability and its governance. Topics addressed during IMBIZO7 will showcase current and emerging research, and explore potential solutions towards sustainable ocean governance by 2030 – the target of multiple global sustainability initiatives.
We will follow the usual IMBIZO format of three distinct but interacting workshops. To optimise discussions, the number of IMBIZO7 participants will be limited to about 120 people (around 40 per workshop). Submit an abstract to one of the three workshops to be considered as a participant in IMBIZO7. Attendees will be selected on the relevance of their abstracts to the workshop topic.The workshop topics are:
  1. Science based adaptive management and policy responses to the causes and consequences of eutrophication.
  2. A framework for development of social-ecological models of transformative change for sustainable ocean management.
  3. Governance transformations for resilient fisheries and aquaculture: Progressions, challenges and opportunities.
Plenary keynote presentations and poster sessions will enable you to learn about the work of participants in other two workshops.