Call for IMBeR SSC Chair/Co-Chairs

Call for nominations for a new Chair/Co-Chairs of the IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee

IMBeR is looking for a new Chair (or Co-Chairs) for its Scientific Steering Committee. The new Chair or Co-Chairs would start their terms as soon as possible and lead IMBeR until the conclusion of the project at the end of August 2025.
It is envisaged that this role would also involve leading the planning process for a new IMBeR under a new science plan to commence after the end of the current project.
To nominate someone, or yourself please send a short letter of motivation (no more than 1 page) and a CV to Given the interdisciplinary nature of IMBeR, if you would like to pair with a Co-Chair, it would be best if your combined expertise is complementary – e.g., one Co-Chair is a social scientist and the other a natural scientist.
Further details of the role of the Chair or Co-Chairs can be found here.
The deadline for nominations is 16 October 2023.