Version 2 of the GEOTRACES IDP 2021 released

An updated and corrected version of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 is now available to download!

It contains hydrographic and biogeochemical data from 86 cruises.
The data covers the global ocean.

Please see IDP2021 version 2 changes document for further details on the revisions made.

The digital data is available at:

*Bulk download:
*WebODV online for data subsetting, extraction and visualisation:
*WebODV online for data analysis, exploration and visualisation


The eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas (available at is based on the digital data package and provides section plots and animated 3D scenes for many of the parameters, allowing quick overviews of the occurrence of geochemically relevant tracers.

Many thanks to all data contributors and to those who have created the product!

The next IDP will be released in November 2025, please do not wait to submit your data!
Please check the timeline and the flowchart “How to ensure that your data are included in IDP”.