Call for nominations to the Scientific Steering Committee of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) invite nominations of qualified individuals to serve on the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), for terms beginning on 1 October 2022.

SOOS SSC members are selected for their scientific excellence and standing in a field of Southern Ocean science that is relevant to at least one of the SOOS Science Themes or Foundational Capabilities in the SOOS Science and Implementation Plan (2021-2025), and connection to, and representation of a SOOS-relevant community or program.

The SOOS SSC is responsible for guiding and advocating for the implementation of SOOS, in alignment with the SOOS Science and Implementation Plan (2021-2025). The SSC members are expected to commit the time and interest required to actively engage in SOOS activities. The SSC meets annually in-person and virtually two to three times a year. SSC members also engage in SOOS working groups, capability groups and task teams, as appropriate. In some instances, SSC members will be invited to represent SOOS at scientific meetings, usually on an opportunistic basis. For a full description of the role of the SSC and expectation of SSC members, please see the SOOS Governance Terms of Reference.

Nominations, including self-nominations, should include the following information:
• Completed Nominee Details Form
• Nomination letter highlighting interest and intended contribution to SOOS
• Two seconding letters in support of the nomination that highlight nominee’s interest and contribution to SOOS
• CV (3 pages maximum including 5 highlighted publications)
and be submitted to the SOOS Executive Officer, Alyce Hancock (, by 31 July 2022.

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