Prof. Frank Muller-Karger recipient of the William T. Pecora award 2021

Prof. Frank Muller-Karger of the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida is the Individual Recipient of the 2021 William T. Pecora Award which is sponsored jointly by the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Frank is an associated member of SCOR Working Groups #154 on the Integration of Plankton-Observing Sensor Systems to Existing Global Sampling Programs (P-OBS) and #158 on a Coordinated Global Research Assessment of Seagrass System (C-GRASS). Frank was also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) project.

The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to individuals or teams using satellite or aerial remote sensing that make outstanding contributions toward understanding the Earth (land, oceans and air), educating the next generation of scientists, informing decision makers or supporting natural or human-induced disaster response.

The William T. Pecora Award Recipients can be found here