Registrations open for the “Small Pelagic Fish: New Frontiers in Science for Sustainable Management” Symposium

Date: 7-11 November, 2022

Registration and abstract submission: 22 May 2022

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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The Symposium Scientific Program includes:

– six concurrent workshops on Day 1

– morning plenary sessions on Days 2-4 to provide overarching keynote presentations and to introduce topics of the sessions to be convened on the same day

– seven concurrent topic sessions on Days 2-5 (three sessions daily)

– evening poster sessions on Day 3

– afternoon plenary summing-up session on Day 5


Topic Sessions

S1:  Trophodynamic Processes

S2:  Life Cycle Closure: Advances in Process Understanding

S3:  Drivers and Consequences of Phenological Shifts

S4:  Responses to Climate Variability and Change at Decadal to Centennial Time Scales

S5:  Progress in Pelagic Surveys – from Biomass Estimates of Small Pelagic Fish to Monitoring Ecosystems

S6:  Reconciling Ecological Roles and Harvest Goals: Development and Testing Management Strategies to Safeguard Marine Ecosystem Services

S7:  Advancing Social-ecological Analyses and Sustainable Policies for Dependent Human Communities



W1: Application of Genetics to Small Pelagic Fish

W2: The Devil’s in the Details of Using Species Distribution Models to Inform Multispecies and Ecosystem Models

W3: Small Pelagics for Whom? Challenges and Opportunities for the Equitable Distribution of Nutritional Benefits

W4: Evaluating Inter-Sectoral Tradeoffs and Community-Level Response to Spatio-Temporal Changes in Forage Distribution and Abundance

W5: Recent Advances in the Daily Egg Production Method (DEPM): Challenges and Opportunities

W6: Small Pelagic Fish Reproductive Resilience