Multiple Ocean Stressors: A scientific summary for policy makers

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO has published a scientific summary for policy makers to help understand how multiple stressors alter marine ecosystems at all locations and how marine life is essential for a healthy, resilient, predictable – sustainable ocean.

This Scientific Summary on Multiple Ocean Stressors for Policy Makers offers a framework for all concerned stakeholders to understand and discuss all types of ocean stressors. This document will help coordinate action to better understand how multiple stressors interact and how the cumulative pressures they cause can be tackled and managed. It is also a call to action underlining the urgency to understand, model and manage multiple ocean stressors now.

The document is a contribution from the SCOR project Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS) and edited by COBS members Philippe Boyle and Sam Dupont along with Kirsten Isensee of IOC/UNESCO.

Access the full document here.