WG #157 MetaZooGene special issue in the ICES Journal of Marine Science has been published!

Detecting the hidden diversity

Molecular approaches are revising global estimates of zooplankton diversity.​

​​Zooplankton diversity is key to pelagic ecosystem function and resistance to stressors, e.g., natural variation, climate change, and commercial harvesting. The assemblage includes thousands of species, ranging from single-celled organisms to invertebrates belonging to more than 30 different taxonomic groups spanning 15 phyla.

Patterns of Biodiversity of Marine Zooplankton Based on Molecular Analysis is the latest themed set of articles from​ ICES Journal of Marine Science. This collection showcases examples of the ongoing refinement of molecular approaches for analysis of zooplankton diversity.

Ann Bucklin​ and her co-authors are members of SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene). This group works towards accelerating progress using novel DNA-based approaches t​o understand biodiversity and roles of zooplankton in ocean ecosystems.​ Additional contributions are by members of ICES Working Group for Integrated Morphological and Molecular Taxonomic (WGIMT).

Find the latest themed set Patterns of Biodiversity of Marine Zooplankton Based on Molecular Analysis in the latest issue of ICES Journal of Marine Science.