Iron at the Air-Sea Interface Workshop

July 26-30, 2021

Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville in Asheville, NC.

Registration deadline: June 25, 2021

Workshop website:

This workshop is dedicated to an improved understanding of how does bioaccessible LFe (Aerosol labile iron) move across the ocean-atmosphere interface and become bioavailable for uptake in the ocean at scales important for ocean ecosystems and the carbon cycle.

The registration fee is $150 for in-person attendance and $100 for online-only attendance. The payment links below will lead to a Square payment link hosted by the FSU Thalassic Society graduate student organization. A credit card is required to pay the registration fee.

The checkout link for in-person attendance ($150) is: Click here to register.

The checkout link for online-only attendance ($100) is: Click here to register.