Calendar of SCOR Events


10 February WG 154: Integration of Plankton-Observing Sensor Systems to Existing Global Sampling Programs (P-OBS) Portland, Oregon, USA
11 February WG 143: Dissolved N2O and CH4 measurements: Working towards a global network of ocean time series measurements of N2O and CH4 Portland, Oregon, USA
11 February WG 145 on Chemical Speciation Modelling in Seawater to Meet 21st Century Needs (MARCHEMSPEC) Portland, Oregon, USA
11 February WG 150: Translation of Optical Measurements into particle Content, Aggregation & Transfer (TOMCAT) Portland, Oregon, USA
11 February WG 151: Iron Model Intercomparison Project (FeMIP) Portland, Oregon, USA
14-15 February WG 147: Towards Comparability of Global Oceanic Nutrient Data (COMPONUT) Portland, Oregon, USA
11 March WG 153 on Floating Litter and its Oceanic TranSport Analysis and Modelling (FLOTSAM) San Diego, Calif., USA
13-14 March IQOE Science Committee Bremerhaven, Germany
19-23 March IIOE-2 Steering Committee Lomboc, Indonesia
10-12 April GlobalHAB Scientific Steering Committee Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
16-18 April WG 148: International Quality Controlled Ocean Database: Subsurface temperature profiles (IQuOD) Oostende, Belgium
16-19 April IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
16 April-11 May 5th Research Discovery Camp Henties Bay and Swakopmund, Namibia
2-4 May SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee Victoria, BC, Canada
6-9 May SOOS Scientific Steering Committee Hangzhou, China
15-17 June WG 152 on Measuring Essential Climate Variables in Sea Ice (ECV-Ice) Davos, Switzerland
13-15 July WG 149 on Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS): how will biota respond to a changing ocean? Waterville, New Hampshire
23-25 July GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee Meeting Taipei, Taiwan
4-6 September SCOR General Meeting Plymouth, UK


21-25 April SOLAS Open Science Conference 2019 Sapporo, Japan
SCOR Annual Meeting Toyama, Japan



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