Patricia Miloslavich, IABO

Ex-officio (2016-2018)

Patricia Miloslavich is the Project Officer of the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel based at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and a senior professor at the Department of Environmental Studies of Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. Patricia is a marine biologist with a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Quebec at Rimouski. She has more than 20 years of academic experience in course and curricula development, teaching, and research activities related to marine biology and ecology. She has been the PI or Co-PI in more than 20 research projects, focused on national (Venezuelan), regional (Caribbean and South America) and global topics, also acting as project manager and coordinator. Patricia was one of the two senior scientists of the Census of Marine Life program leading the global synthesis of the state of knowledge of marine biodiversity worldwide carried out by a network of researchers from all over the world, and established and co-led the South American Research Group in Coastal Ecosystems. Patricia also co-chaired the Science Planning Committee for the Life in a Changing Ocean (LICO) program, and has contributed with her expertise to the IOC/UNESCO through different activities of the Ocean Sciences Section of the IOC. Patricia has authored more than 50 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals and more than 20 publications in other major media related to oceanography and marine biology, biodiversity, and ecology. She has also authored and edited an open-access book with a comprehensive review of the state of knowledge of Caribbean marine biodiversity, and produced several peer-reviewed book chapters, including two chapters of the World Ocean Assessment for the UN for which she was appointed as a member of the “Pool of Experts” by the United States.

Her work in marine biology, especially within the framework of the Census of Marine Life and the Global Ocean Observing System, as well as her exploration activities within the E/V Nautilus and the Darwin Adventure Initiative in South America led by the British Council have been released by several media. The impact and scientific relevance of her scientific publications and her communication efforts to broader audiences, led to her receiving the Eugenio Mendoza Award in 2015, the highest achievement a scientist in any discipline can receive in Venezuela.