Agency or Program
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO promotes international co-operation among its 192 Member States and six Associate Members in the fields of education, science, culture and communication.

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Principal Contact

Mr Orlando Hall-Rose, Chief of Section – o.hall-rose at unesco.org

Activity Summary

UNESCO’s programme in science and technology education focuses upon the means and methods to address these issues in both formal and nonformal education, notably by supporting Member States in:

  • Cooperation at the International, Regional, and Subregional levels
  • Training and capacity building of relevant personnel
  • Production and dissemination of innovative and context-specific teaching/learning materials
  • Establishment and management of networks of specialists and specialised institutions
  • Promoting exchange of information and popularisation of STE
Because UNESCO does include an educational component within its formal charter, it has a vast and complex program of educational activities that cannot be captured by the above simplistic profile. We urge readers to explore the site for themselves to discover the multitude of resources available. In general, the website is so complex as to defy simple characterization according to the above schema. In general, we would prefer to provide links here to the excellent individual CB resources UNESCO provides, such as the GIS modules (above), rather than the typical programmatic descriptions the website currently provides.