SCOR/InterRidge WG 99
Linked Mass and Energy Fluxes at Ridge Crests

Chair: Martin Sinha (UK)

Other Full Members: H. Bougault (France), J. Delaney (USA), P. Einarsson (Iceland), H. Fujimoto (Japan), N. Holm (Sweden), C. Langmuir (USA), D. Needham (France), A. Schreider (Russia), and K. Juniper (Canada)

Terms of Reference

  • To assess which portions of the global ridge system are particularly well-suited for in-depth studies, through a review of information on both well-known portions of the ridge and areas that are less well known but appear to have potential for future multidisciplinary work.
  • To identify the approaches required to address quantitatively the interplay among the important variables involved in oceanic crustal accretion.
  • To assess possible water-column investigations aimed at evaluating the consequences of hydrothermal venting for ocean physics and chemistry.
  • To consider the scientific, technological, and organizational foundation necessary to accomplish the goals cited in the first three terms of reference.
  • To prepare a report to SCOR on scientific prospects for a long-term programme leading to quantification and modelling of the global spreading-centre system.
  • To prepare and convene a SCOR symposium to present the working group's results and current research in the field.

Approved: 1993

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF, InterRidge