Altimeter Data and In-situ Current Observations

Chair: V. Zlotnicki (USA)

Other Full Members: J. Church (Australia), M. Grundlingh (South Africa), K. Heywood (UK), M. Ikeda (Canada), S. Imawaki (Japan), T. Joyce (USA), O. Mamayev (USSR), J. Pacaut (France), and D. Stammer (Germany)

Associate Member: J.F. Minster (France)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the methods of altimeter and in-situ data intercomparisons, and assess the more promising paths.
  • To review the usefulness of existing altimeter data sets for this goal.
  • To identify model requirements for determining currents from altimeter data.
  • To identify problems in this context requiring further study and international collaboration
  • To prepare a summary report of the results

Approved: 1991

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF