Ocean/Atmosphere Palaeochemistry

Chair: Eric T. Sundquist (USA)

Other Full Members: Y.A. Bogdanov (USSR), Edward Boyle (USA), J.C. Duplessy (France), E. Maier-Reimer (FRG), D. McCorkle (USA), J. McKenzie (Switzerland), Thomas F. Pedersen (Canada), Nick Shackleton (UK), and J.R. Toggweiler (USA)

Terms of Reference

  • To study past chemical interactions - particularly carbon-cycle interactions - between the oceans and atmosphere over time scales of 103 to 106 years.
  • To organize and publish the results of a meeting on the palaeoceanographic implications of ice core records.
  • To assess and recommend improved methods for stratigraphic correlation of marine and ice core records, and for the development of appropriate time-dependent models of the carbon cycle on 103 to 106 year time scales.

Approved: 1988

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF