Sea Level and Erosion of the World's Coastlines

Chair: Paul Komar (USA)

Other Full Members: M. Baba (India), R. Dean (USA), K. Dyer (UK), Terry Healy (New Zealand), N. Lanfredi (Argentina), and J. Terwindt (Netherlands)

Associate Member: Ying Wang (China-Beijing)

Terms of Reference

  • To examine the applicability of the existing models for prediction of coastal erosion dependent upon sea level rise, and formulate a programme of investigations for their verification or rejection.
  • To evaluate differences between short- and long-term sea level rises on beach erosion
  • To recommend strategies for monitoring programmes on coastal erosion for coastlines which lack a data base.
  • To produce a report for SCOR which addresses these questions.

Approved: 1989

Financial Sponsors: SCOR