Experimental Ecosystems

Chair: Li Guanguo (China-Beijing)

Vice-Chair: Timothy R. Parsons (Canada)

Other Full Members: P. de Wilde (Netherlands), U. Brockmann (FRG), M. Takahashi (Japan), V. Oiestad (Norway), J. Gamble (UK), Michael Pilson (USA), and P. Lasserre (France)

Associate Members: S. Schultz (GDR) and T. Bakke (Norway)

Terms of Reference

  • To examine previous studies involving experimental ecosystems; critically evaluate the regulsts and the application of such techniques to estuarine, coastal and open sea problems.
  • To make recommendations for complete systems (mesocosms, field, laboratory, and simulation modeling) approaches to current problems in biological oceanography.
  • To specify design criteria pertinent to studies in the range of estuarine, coastal and open sea conditions.

Approved: 1986

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, UNESCO

Product: Manual on Marine Experimental Ecosystems, UNESCO Technical Papers in Marine Science 61 (1991)