Laboratory Tests Related to Basic Physical Measurements at Sea

Chair: K. Striggow (GDR)

Other Full Members: E.L. Lewis (Canada), P.M. Saunders (UK), R.C. Millard (USA), K.-H. Mahrt (FRG), K. Taira (Japan), and G.N. Panin (USSR)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the accuracy and precision of existing STD, CTD, and related instruments used on research vessels.
  • To design and carry out related laboratory tests and intercomparisons.
  • To recommend standards of resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, and short- and long-term stability under varying temperature and pressure to be met by acceptable equipment.
  • To recommend appropriate calibration procedures to ensure that the requirements are satisfied.

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, IOC

Approved: 1983