General Circulation of the Southern Ocean

Chair: Worth Nowlin (USA)

Other Full Members: R. Chesselet (France), Arnold Gordon (USA), R. Heath (New Zealand), P. Killworth (UK), K. Kusunoki (Japan), J.R. Lutjeharms (South Africa), Alberto Piola (Argentina), and A. Sarukhanyan (USSR)

Associate Member: William Jenkins (USA)

Terms of Reference

  • To identify major gaps in the knowledge of the general circulation of the Southern Ocean, bearing in mind its relevance to biology and climate.
  • To specify physical and chemical programmes to investigate these problems.

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF

Product: General Circulation of the Southern Ocean: Status and Recommendations for Research. 1985. A report by SCOR Working Group 74. WCP-108, WMO/TD - No. 86