Remote Measurements of the Oceans from Satellites

Chair: J.F.R. Gower (Canada)

Vice-Chair: J.R. Apel (USA)

Other Full Members: T.D. Allan (UK), P. Gudmansen (Denmark), K. Hasselman (FRG), A. Morel (France), Paola Rizzoli (USA), D. Spitzer (Netherlands), A. Takeda (Japan), and B. Nelepo (USSR)

Terms of Reference

  • To assess critically resolution and precision requirements for satellite instrumentation systems and orbital requirements to ensure adequacy of remotely sensed data for various oceanographic tasks.
  • To review the present status of methodology and requirements for "ground truth" measurements of oceanic variables needed to assess and/or calibrate the results of measurements from satellites.
  • To consider the most effective means of making satellite data available in useable form to working scientists.
  • To make recommendations for coordination of traditional and satellite techniques required to optimize ocean observations.
  • To prepare a report with recommendations taking into account the outcome of the symposium on Oceanography from Space to be held at the JOA in 1982.

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, UNESCO


Opportunities and Problems in Satellite Measurements of the Sea. Report of SCOR Working Group 70. UNESCO Technical Papers in Marine Science 46.