North Atlantic Circulation

Chair: F. Schott (USA)

Other Full Members: Jorge Sarmiento (USA), Carl Wunsch (USA), D. Anderson (UK), J. Reid (USA), W. Krauss (FRG), W. Holland (USA), M.N. Koshlyakov (USSR), A. Clarke (Canada) - ICES, W.J. Gould (UK) - ICES, J. Meincke (FRG) - ICES, F. Madelain (France) - ICES, M. Saldanha (Portugal) - ICES, P. Richarson (USA) - ICES, and R. Dickson (UK) - ICES

Terms of Reference

  • To review and prepare a summary of recent important developments in the study of the North Atlantic circulation as a basis for planning work.
  • To identify the observational and modelling studies most relevant for an improved understanding of the circulation of water, heat and chemical tracers in the North Atlantic.
  • To identify the meteorological data requirements for the enhancement of such studies.
  • To facilitate the cooperation between research groups involved in studies of North Atlantic circulation.

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, ICES


Molinari, R., K. Bryan, and F. Schott. 1985.North Atlantic Circulation. Eos 66(10):107.