Equatorial Upwelling Systems

Chair: H. Rotschi (Ivory Coast)

Other Full Members: R. Barber (USA) - Biological Panel, R. Boje (FRG) - Biological Panel, C, Brown (USA) - Physical Panel, D. Halpern (USA) - Physical, Panel E. Jimenez S. (Ecuador) - Biological Panel, D. Moore (USA) - Physical Panel, M. Vinogradov (USSR), B. Voituriez (France), and J.J. Walsh (USA)

Associate Members: H. Lass (GDR), J. Sastry (India), and M. Takahashi (Japan)

Terms of Reference

  • To bring together all available observational evidence on spatial and temporal variability of equatorial upwelling processes in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and to attempt as much generalization as possible in the light of the present hydrodynamical knowledge of the phenomena.
  • To investigate the coupling of equatorial upwelling processes with the coastal upwelling in the adjacent areas along eastern boundaries of the oceans in association with relevant working groups, such as 55 and 59.
  • To suggest lines of multidisciplinary enquiry into processes of equatorial upwelling for the planning of future expeditions.
  • To exchange information on the research programmes and plans of relevant expeditions, such as WG 47 (FGGE Oceanography)

Financial Sponsor: SCOR

Affliated Organizations: IAPSO, IAMAP, IABO