Southern Ocean Ecosystems and Their Living Resources

Chair: Sayed Z. El-Sayed (USA)

Other Full Members: George Deacon (UK), J.A. Gulland (Italy) - ACMRR, G. Hempel (FRG), J.C. Hureau (France), R.M. Laws (UK), T.J. Lubimova (USSR), T. Nemeto (Japan), G.G. Newman (Australia), S. Rakusa-Suszczewski (Poland), D.B. Siniff (USA), A.P. Tomo (Argentina), and D.J. Tranter (Australia)

Terms of Reference

  • To assess the present state of knowledge of the Antarctic marine ecosystem from the point of view of structure, dynamic functions and biomass of the organisms at different trophic levels.
  • To encourage and stimulate investigations of the ecology and population dynamics of the organisms at different trophic levels, with particular reference to krill, squids, fishes, and whales.
  • To maintain liaison with FAO.
  • To advised SCAR and SCOR and, through them, other international organizations and in particular to respond to relevant recommendations of IOC and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings.

Financial Sponsor: SCOR, IABO, SCAR, ACMRR