SCOR/International Biological Programme (IBP) WG 33
Phytoplankton Methods

Chair: Karl Banse (USA)

Other Full Members: M. Bernhard (Italy), Richard W. Eppley (USA), G.R. Hasle (Norway), R. Marumo (Japan), G.A. Robinson (UK), H.J. Semina (USSR), and Theodore J. Smayda (USA)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the methods now used for quantitative phytoplankton studies (exclusive of pigment and other chemical methods).
  • To select the most satisfactory methods for various purposes, such as the description of species composition of communities, studies of special components, and biomass estimation.
  • For the selected methods, to recommend detailed procedures sample collection, preservation, and laboratory examination.
  • To prepare a report that might serve as the basis for a manual, including references to literature on taxonomy of the main groups and on methods for using quantitative phytoplankton data in ecological studies.

Date Approved: January 1969

Financial Sponsor: SCOR, IBP


1-3 December 1970 in Kingston, Rhode Island, USA