Determination of Photosynthetic Pigments

Chair: J. Krey (Germany)

Other Full Members: Karl Banse (USA), Shun-ei Ichimura (Japan), George Humphrey (Australia), Shirley W. Jeffrey (Australia), and Leo Preston Vernon (USA)

Terms of Reference

  • To consider experimental results relevant to the following points:
    • Type of filter for removing phytoplankton from sea water
    • Suction pressure to be applied to filter
    • Necessity for grinding or sonification
    • Extraction solvent
    • Addition of basic material. e.g., MgCO3 or dimethylaniline during extraction
    • Dessication of filters before extraction
    • Steam treatment of filters
    • Duration of extraction
    • Removal of extracted residue by centrifugation or filtration
    • Precision of chlorophyll a determination at 1.0, 0.1, and 0.02 µg levels under laboratory conditions

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, UNESCO


  • 4-6 June 1964 in Paris, France