SCOR Working Group 155
Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS): Diversity, Coupled Dynamics and Sensitivity to Climate Change

Co-Chairs: Ruben Escribano (Chile) and Ivonne Montes (Peru)

Other Full Members: Francisco Chavez (USA), Enrique Curchitser (USA), Boris Dewitte (France), Sara Fawcett (South Africa), Salvador Lluch-Cota (Mexico), Baye Cheikh Mbaye (Senegal), Andreas Oschlies (Germany), and Parv Suntharalingam (UK)

Associate Members: Edward Allison (USA), Javier Aristegui (Spain), Xavier Capet (France), Ming Feng (Australia), Iris Kriest (Germany), Eric Machu (France), Ryan Rykaczewski (PICES, USA), Lynne Shannon (South Africa), Damodar Shenoy (India), and Beatriz Yanicelli (Chile)

Terms of Reference 

Approved: September 2017

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF


#1: 2-3 June 2018, Washington, DC