SCOR Working Group 150
Translation of Optical Measurements into particle Content, Aggregation & Transfer (TOMCAT)

Chair: Sari Giering (UK)

Other Full Members: Sünnje Basedow (Norway), Adrian Burd (USA), Lionel Guidi (France), Morten Iversen (Germany), George Jackson (USA), Catarina Marcolin (Brazil), Klas Ove Möller (Germany), Sandy Thomalla (South Africa), and Tom Trull (Australia)

Associate Members: Nathan Briggs (France), Emma Cavan (UK), Louise Darroch (UK), Dhugal Lindsay (Japan), Andrew McDonnell (USA), and Uta Passow (USA)

Terms of Reference

  1. Review current devices that optically measure particles and document the capabilities and limitations of each device.
  2. Make vocabularies more transparent and interoperable using international standards.
  3. Define key parameters for interpretation of the optical information and recommend which optical measurements are useful for characterizing particle type, interactions, and export.
  4. Evaluate various techniques and algorithms for the conversion of optical observations into particle type, size, concentration, mass, composition, and fluxes, and recommend ways of improving our understanding of the relationships between these properties.
  5. Promote sharing of software examples and codes, placed on a public repository.
  6. Improve the visiblilty and usage of data by hosting an inventory of published datasets.

Approved: December 2015

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF


#1: 12-14 Sept. 2016 in Southampton, UK
#2: 15 Feb. 2018 in Portland, Oregon, USA

Web site:


Optical Sensors Can Shed Light on Particle Dynamics in the Ocean