SCOR Working Group 142
Quality Control Procedures for Oxygen and Other Biogeochemical Sensors on Floats and Gliders

Co-chairs: Arne Körtzinger (Germany) and Ken Johnson (USA)

Other Full Members: Herve Claustre (France), Denis Gilbert (Canada), Wajih Naqvi (India), Steven Riser (USA), VirginieThierry (France), Bronte Tilbrook (Australia), Hiroshi Uchida (Japan), and Xiaogang Xing (China-Beijing)

Associate Members: Steve Emerson (USA), Katja Fennel (Canada), Hernan Garcia (USA), Nicolas Gruber (Switzerland), Dong-Jin Kang (Korea), Satya Prakash (India), and Osvaldo Ulloa (Chile)

Terms of Reference

  1. Summarize and assess the current status of biogeochemical sensor technology with particular emphasis on float-/glider-readiness (pressure and temperature dependence, long-term stability, calibration accuracy, measurements time constant, etc.).
  2. Develop pre- and post-deployment quality control metrics and procedures for oxygen and other biogeochemical sensors deployed on floats and gliders providing a research-quality synthesis data product.
  3. Collaborate with Argo and other data centers to implement these procedures in their standard routines.
  4. Disseminate procedures widely to ensure rapid adoption in the community. Develop ideas for capacity building in this context.

Approved: October 2012

Financial Sponsors: NSF, SCOR


#1: 1 March 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

#2: 16-17 March 2015, Brest, France

#3: 27 February 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Johnson, K.S., and H. Claustre. 2016, Bringing biogeochemistry into the Argo age. Eos, 97, Published on 8 November 2016.