New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

Co-chairs: David Farmer (USA) and Van Holliday (USA)

Other Full Members: Geoff Arnold (UK), Emanuel Boss (USA), Elgar Desa (India), Masahiko Furusawa (Japan), Olav Godo (Norway), Gaby Gorsky (France), and Mariano Gutierrez Torero (Peru)

Terms of Reference

  • To identify and bring to the attention of the international community of fisheries scientists, marine biologists and others, the potential benefits of emerging technologies in the detection of marine life.
  • To explore the relative merits of different technologies and identify those that deserve further research based on their potential for making significant contributions to the detection of marine life.
  • To prepare a summary of the results of the Working Group's discussion so as to make it as widely available as possible.

Approved: 1999

Financial Sponsors: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


#1: 9-11 November 2000 in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

#2: 28 October 2001 inMar del Plata, Argentina - Subgroup Meeting with Census of Marine Life Pilot Project leaders

#3: 28-30 October 2002 in Lima, Peru

#4: 21-22 October 2003 in Washington, D.C., USA