Evolution of the Asian Monsoon in Marine Records: Comparison Between Indian and East Asian Subsystems

Chair: Pinxian Wang (China-Beijing)

Other Full Members: L. Beaufort (France), Steven Clemens (USA), G. Ganssen (Netherlands), J. Grimalt (Spain), Peter Kershaw (Australia), John Kutzbach (USA), R. Ramesh (India) Yoshi Saito (Japan), and Michael Sarnthein (Germany)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the present status of our knowledge of Indian and East Asian monsoon evolution, to define similarities and differences in their histories based on records developed to date.
  • To define the key climate proxies necessary for effective comparison of the two subsystems in their evolution over different time scales in response to tectonics, orbital forcing, and ocean circulation.
  • To provide recommendations for the East Asian monsoon studies on the basis of experience from the Indian Ocean.
  • To propose a cooperative research effort in the region through various agencies and programs such as IMAGES and ODP, in order to promote and coordinate paleo-monsoon studies, including organization of an international symposium, preparation of a paleomonsoon volume, and new ODP/IMAGES cruise proposals.
  • To prepare a final report within four years.

Approved: 1997

Financial Sponsors: U.S. National Science Foundation, IMAGES, SCOR


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2. Wang, P. et al. 2005. Evolution and variability of the Asian monsoon system: State of the art and outstanding issues. Quaternary Science Reviews 24:595-629