Magnitude of Submarine Groundwater Discharge and its Influence on Coastal Oceanographic Processes

Co-chairs: Bill Burnett (USA) and Evgeny Kontar (Russia)

Other Full Members: Georgia Destouni (Sweden), Toshitaka Gamo (Japan), Williard Moore (USA), Bob Buddemeier (USA), Aldo da Cunha Reboucas (Brazil), Klaus-Peter Seller (Germany), Makato Taniguchi (Japan), and Igor S. Zektser (Russia)

Associate Members: Henry Bokuniewicz (USA), Jeffrey Chanton (USA), Gerry Jacobson (USA), June Oberdorfer (USA), Leslie Smith (Canada), B.L.K. Somayajulu (India), Luigi Tulipano (Italy), and Jaye Cable (USA)

Terms of Reference

  • To review and assess deficiencies in our knowledge concerning the magnitude of fluxes of SGD.
  • To define the existing methods and tools useful for measurement of groundwater fluxes to the coastal zone.
  • To examine the possibility of using a typological approach to assess SGD over broad areas.
  • To review and assess the chemical (nutrients, pollutants) consequences of SGD and to suggest follow-up studies of the physical and ecological consequences.
  • To prepare a series of manuscripts for a special issue of an international journal that will describe the "Influence of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Coastal Marine Processes."
  • To prepare a final report to SCOR within four years and an interim report on the first term of reference within two years.

Approved: 1997

Financial Sponsors: U.S. National Science Foundation, SCOR


  1. Submarine Groundwater Discharge - Special issue of Biogeochemistry, Volume 66, No. 1-2
  2. Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Management Implications, Measurements and Effects. IHP-VI, Series on Groundwater No. 5/IOC Manuals and Guides No. 44