Coupling Waves, Currents, and Winds in Coastal Models

Co-chairs: Christopher Mooers (USA) and Norden Huang (USA)

Other Full Members: Peter Craig (Australia), Kristofer Döös (Sweden), Roger Flather (UK), Vladimir Gryanick (Russia), Wolfgang Rosenthal (Germany), Satish Shetye (India), and Yeli Yuan (China-Beijing)

Associate Members: John Allen (USA), Michael Banner (Australia), Jurjen Battjes (The Netherlands), Carlos Garcia (Brazil), I.A. Maiza (Egypt), Eloi Melo (Brazil), and Yoshiaki Toba (Japan)

Terms of Reference

  • To review the present status of our knowledge on each component of coastal dynamics: coastal wave models, coastal circulation models, and the coastal atmospheric boundary layer models.
  • To examine the existing coastal circulation and wave data from both conventional and remotely sensed sources to detect possible weaknesses of uncoupled models, and to address the issues of a coupled model.
  • To build and strengthen a collaborative research effort on a coupled coastal dynamics model, between wave, circulation, and coastal meteorology modelers, both among the members of the Working Group and with other existing groups.
  • To estimate the contribution of coastal waters in heat exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean, which has importance for global modeling and climate studies.
  • To prepare a final report summarizing the present status of our knowledge, recommending future research and observational studies of the coastal regions.

Approved: 1996

Financial Sponsors: U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, U.S. Minerals Management Service, SCOR