Improved Global Bathymetry

Chair: Colin Summerhayes (France)

Other Full Members: P. Blondel (UK), Albert Gouveia (India), Peter Hunter (UK), Chris Johnston (Australia), Kazuo Kobayashi (Japan), Ron Macnab (Canada), C. LeProvost (France), Bert Semtner (USA), Walter Smith (USA), Hans-Werner Schenke (Germany), and Gleb Udintsev (Russia)

Associate Members: Christian Andreasen (USA), John Hall (Israel), Peter Killworth (UK), Anthony Laughton (UK), and Guy Pautot (France)

Terms of Reference

  • To establish the scientific needs for improved ocean bathymetry.
  • To determine the specifications for accuracy and resolution in different areas.
  • To recommend actions and priorities.

Approved: 1995

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, U.S. National Science Foundation

Product: Final Report