The Role of Wave Breaking on Upper Ocean Dynamics

Chair: M.L. Banner (Australia)

Other Full Members: M.A. Donelan (USA), V. Kudryavstev (Ukraine), W.K. Melville (USA), O.M. Phillips (USA), S.J. Thorpe (UK), and Y. Toba (Japan)

Terms of Reference

  • To hold a workshop to review the present status of our knowledge of wave breaking on the wind-driven sea surface and quantification of its dynamical implications for upper ocean dynamics.
  • To examine the implications of existing and modelling and observation data, and formulate strategies for future incisive modelling and experiments.
  • To prepare an authoritative report to SCOR on the status of our present understanding of wave breaking and its importance on upper ocean processes, and a projection of the needs for future theoretical and observational research directions on breaking ocean waves.

Approved: 1993

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF


  • July 22-23, 1995: Heidelberg, Germany
  • January 11-15, 1999: Sydney, Australia

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