Comparative Salinity and Density of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Basins

Chair: Frank Millero (USA)

Other Full Members: Peter Brewer (USA), Arthur Chen (China-Taipei), Alain Poisson (France), and Peter Saunders (UK)

Terms of Reference

  • To quantify the errors in salinity, as presently measured, and in calculated density due to the non-conservative relative concentrations of alkalinity, total carbon dioxide, and silica contents in the sea water.
  • To devise a methodology for correcting salinity for these effects so that salinity can be used as a global tracer and density can be more accurately calculated globally.

Approved: 1993

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF


  • Millero, F.J. 2000. Effect of changes in the composition of seawater on the density-salinity relationship. Deep-Sea Research I 47:1583-1590.