Influence of Sea State on the Atmospheric Drag Coefficient

Chair: Ian Jones (Australia) and Yoshiaki Toba (Japan)

Other Full Members: Henry Charnock (UK), M.A. Donelan (USA), N.W. Huang (USA), S.E. Larsen (Denmark), and Yu A. Volkov (Russia)

Associate Members: E.F. Bradley (Australia), G.T. Csanady (USA), C.A. Friehe (USA), L. Geernaert (USA), K. Hasselman (Germany), K. Katsaros (USA), E. Plate (Germany), and P.K. Taylor (UK)

Terms of Reference

  • To hold a workshop on the relationship between momentum flux to the sea and the sea state.
  • To encourage the execution of critical experiments.
  • To prepare a report to SCOR on the most likely expression relating momentum flux to sea state.

Approved: 1993

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF