Sediment Coring for International Global Change Research

Chair: Nick Pisias (USA)

Other Full Members: L. Carter (New Zealand), R. Carter (Australia), B. Curry (USA), E. Jansen (Norway), L. Labeyrie (France), L. Mayer (Canada), T. Oba (Japan), T. Pedersen (Canada), N. Shackleton (UK), G. Wefer (Germany), and Pinxian Wang (China-Beijing)

Terms of Reference

  • To coordinate international efforts to collect good quality piston cores, Kasten cores and Box cores from the world ocean suitable for collaborative studies of global change over the geologically recent past as required by the PAGES and JGOFS of IGBP.
  • To advise on the description, curation and sampling of these cores and on protocols for the distribution of samples for specialist analysis.
  • To promote the construction of a data base of available deep sea core material providing enough information to promote the efficient use by the international scientific community of existing as well as new core material.
  • To promote the increasing use of non-destructive tools for obtaining high resolution logs of deep-sea sediment cores.

Approved: 1993

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF